Project Support / Project Counsel

Blueprint Construction Counsel acts as project counsel and provides direct support to construction project teams on projects throughout the United States.

Active, ongoing project risk management is the best tool to minimize project losses, retain anticipated fee, and avoid or quickly resolve disputes. Most contractors now recognize that proactive risk management at the project level - utilizing consulting counsel that works directly with project management teams - is a far better solution than engaging counsel after disputes have become large and unavoidable. Blueprint Construction Counsel takes on these engagements via long-term reduced price or alternative fee arrangements which can easily be built into project estimates or corporate budgets.

Dispute Resolution

Blueprint Construction Counsel represents clients in state and federal court, arbitration, dispute resolution board proceedings, and mediation throughout the United States. When formal dispute resolution becomes necessary, Blueprint Construction Counsel offers experienced and aggressive representation, a depth of experience, and strategic partnerships with some of the best scheduling, productivity loss, and design / engineering consulting firms in the United States.

Contract Development and Negotiation

Blueprint Construction Counsel drafts and negotiates a broad array of agreements in connection with all aspects of the construction process, including EPC and design build agreements, joint venture agreements, subcontracts and purchase orders, and other ancillary forms of agreement.

Blueprint Construction Counsel can draft agreements from scratch, tailor and improve existing form agreements to your business needs, and assist project teams in negotiating, redlining and understanding agreements proposed by clients, partners and subcontractors.

Claim Development & Presentation

Blueprint Construction Counsel works with project teams in the development and presentation of claims and change orders. Blueprint Construction Counsel offers a level of expertise in forensic analysis that most law firms do not possess and must look to outside consultants to provide. Our forensic analysis and presentation abilities allow us to provide materials quickly and in a cost-efficient manner. In the event a client’s claim requires additional work, Blueprint Construction Counsel has established relationships with many of the most respected and cost-efficient consultants in the industry.

Regulatory Compliance

Blueprint Construction Counsel works with clients to identify and plan for the regulatory requirements applicable to their industry and to specific projects. Careful and thorough preparation is the most effective method to avoid the serious consequences that can result from the inadvertent failure of project teams to understand and conform to applicable regulatory requirements.

Blueprint Construction Counsel Blueprint Construction Counsel

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